Passive Income with the RichPrize Affiliate Program — Earning without Problems

With the RichPrize affiliate program, you can receive regular income from your referrals’ investments. The accrued interest depends on how much money the gamblers invited by you bring to the casino. Below is the percentage rate with the costs of referral players:

Total amount of deposit/expenses%
< 400,000 INR30%
400,000 – 800,000 INR35%
800,000 – 1,220,000 INR40%
1,220,000 -1,630,000 INR45%
> 1,630,000 INR50%

Payments from income under the RichPrize affiliate program are made monthly, every 15th day. In some cases, conditions are negotiated individually. Once your account is credited with 80,000 INR, you will be assigned your affiliate manager. For financial transactions in the RichPrize affiliate program, the same banking methods are used as in the casino:

  • Visa/MasterCard;
  • Payop;
  • Perfect Money;
  • Piastrix;
  • Payeer;
  • Advcash;
  • cryptocurrency.

The RichPrize Affiliate Program is part of the LUXE PARTNERS Affiliates network. Therefore, depending on where you live, payment methods may vary. By default, payments are made in EUR; however, you can also choose INR when signing up for the RichPrize Affiliate Program. If you have any questions, you can contact support via email at [email protected].

Invite, Play and Earn Income

Invite new players in RichPrize Casino and get cash reward

By attracting additional traffic to our site, you can receive a cash reward. Our affiliate program implies several payments: a percentage of referral costs and CPA. In the first case, you will receive payments as a percentage of the players you invite. In the case of CPA, you will receive payments for gamblers’ activity in the RichPrize casino.

As a result, you have the most effective earnings with minimal time costs. Your task as an affiliate is to invite new players to RichPrize and advertise our gaming platform. You have an honest partner with a high gaming rating and an official license. Most of our partners have a passive income many times higher than their salary.

An Affiliate Program with a Casino — an Inside Look

Advertise online casino on social networks

Even if you have never worked with affiliate programs, you should try this. Such a program is designed to advertise the gaming platform on social networks, partner sites, or video blogs. Such marketing has proved to be the most effective tool for promoting gambling services. A referral program member uses unique affiliate links to attract additional traffic to the casino. Most affiliates are players and fans of RichPrize and often play in the casino themselves. Having a huge experience in online casinos, you can attract the target audience and get a cash reward.

Different Programs, Different Rewards

Different types of reward in different kynds of program

There are several types of affiliate programs on online casinos. These can be payments for each user, who has registered and made a deposit (or a loss percentage). There are also combined partnership models of cooperation. In RichPrize, you can choose the best partnership offers to bring you a stable income. At the same time, no investment is required from you — choose the program that suits you, and you will see the result of your work in the shortest possible time.

Choose the RichPrize Program and Become our Partner Now

Become a partner and get huge income

Did you know that participation in an affiliate program can bring huge income? This is a profitable business available to everyone without the need for investment costs. Promote our online casino with effective affiliate marketing and get a decent reward for your work. At the same time, you remain honest with yourself and the people you invite because RichPrize is a legal casino that uses a fair play policy. By joining our affiliate program, you choose how and when you will profit from the users you invite.

We respect each of our partners and generously reward their contribution to the development of the popularity of our casino. The more players you attract through the referral program, the faster you will receive high passive income from our joint partnership. All you have to do is advertise our gaming platform. The rest is up to us. Getting to our site, gamblers will see a rich selection of pokies, table games, lotteries, and other fantastic entertainment. By visiting our site, players will continue to play at RichPrize casino, bringing you an income from each bet. Try it and get all the benefits of partnering with the legal and generous RichPrize Casino!